November 6, 2018 | news

Update on OrbeSeal supply

We are pleased to inform you that the supply of OrbeSeal is making progress: production is currently underway and Zoetis is working hard to ensure that the back-order situation is permanently resolved.

In December, Zoetis Canada anticipates receiving sufficient quantities to meet with current demand and that a reliable, long-term supply of product is now within reach. To be among the first to receive OrbeSeal, we encourage you to place your order.

At Zoetis we know the importance of OrbeSeal to your business and to the Canadian dairy industry at large; ensuring that our product returns to market as quickly as possible is a top priority for us.

We thank you for your patience during the transition to a fully functioning manufacturing plant in Ireland, which Zoetis now proudly owns. Through this acquisition, our goal for OrbeSeal is to have greater long-term control over the manufacturing process and distribution, while maintaining our high standards of quality.

As a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses, we at Zoetis sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to honouring your commitment to us.

Best regards,

Daniel Darragh, agr.
Product Manager, Zoetis